Bakidawo inviting the ssenga on an introduction (okwanjula )

This is a video that shows bakidawo inviting the ssenga to pick up the groom on an introduction commonly known as omukolo ogwokwanjula

THIS WAS A CLOSE ONE ๐Ÿ˜‚ – #shorts

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The Game Awards Aftermath | PS5 in 2023 | Forspoken Demo | PlayStation Awards – WUPS EP. 107

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The Salesman That Won’t Let You Close The Door ๐Ÿ˜‚ | Dtay Known #shorts

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Hello humans, Director here… Thankyou so much for watching and supporting AMS2 and this season ends here with lots of confusions, hahahaโ€ฆ solpa wait maadi we will be back with Season 3 where you will get a complete idea about…

Mark Normand | Out To Lunch | Close to Pedophile

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Foreword / The Making of “JR” – A Jack and Joel Haver Homage

“JR” is a short sketch comedy film I made with my grandfather Jack (82) and directed my dad Scott (57). I want to send a thank you to @Joel Haver and his father Jack for their inspiration, their philosophy in…

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