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what we do in face à faces facing to defaced!

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People need to face to face each other for effective interpersonal relationships!

People need to face to face each other, not computer. To communicate effectively, two people really don’t need fancy gadgets, computers or smartphones or iPads or other gizmos.When two people need to interact with each other face to face, they can convey far more than what they might share using technology like Skype or FaceTime or text messaging services and emails. Face to face communication is critical for effective interpersonal relationships, trust building and problem solving.Without face to face encounters, humans lose part of the richness and nuance of humanity.Computer mediated communications are simply inadequate substitutes for face to face conversations.

We become comfortable with each other

Talking face to face lets us understand and connect!

Most communication today takes place via internet and mobile phones.Face-to-face communication allows us to express ourselves naturally to people we meet.We become comfortable with each other much faster when we interact with other human beings directly instead of over distance.Talking face to face lets us understand and connect emotionally as well as mentally..it helps us develop real relationships with friends, colleagues, loved ones or strangers.The United Nations estimates there will likely be 10.1 billion mobile telephone subscribers globally in 2020 – doubling global subscriber numbers compared to 2010.Despite rapid increases in subscriptions, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reports that only 6% of global population currently uses data services, whereas the remaining 94% use voice connectivity exclusively.Voice use continues to grow steadily, yet internet usership remains negligible.These statistics demonstrate clearly that many countries across Asia are lagging behind Western European countries in digital literacy.

Alertness and motivation

Which  face to faces stimulates the central nervous system!

Talking online isn’t going away anytime soon. People spend hours searching through profiles and browsing pictures to find true friends. So it’s important we communicate with each other face to face whenever possible and try to meet new people in real life rather than just surfing Facebook and Instagram. You never really know who you’re going to run into in public – I met my current boyfriend on New Year’s Eve!Many people believe that tobacco causes weight gain, but recent research suggests otherwise.Studies show that women exposed to second hand cigarette smoke were actually thinner compared to non -smoker.Second hand smoke does contain carbon monoxide which makes you lose appetite.On top of all, there’s the nicotine found in cigarettes which stimulates the central nervous system hence promoting a feeling of alertness and motivation. It helps in keeping awake during exam times too.

While talking helps people develop trust

Face to Face communications is a basic human behaviour that we need to preserve and enhance.It allows us to understand eachother on multiple levels and makes communication easier.When two parties meet, they usually spend quite some time sizing each other up before starting to communicate, so having visual contact while talking helps people develop trust.Despite all the talk regarding global warming, there is no proof whatsoever that humans are responsible.To prove one must establish and show what caused climate change first then look for a culprit.Climate records date far before our species existed.We must assume that we were simply following the trend until someone comes forward to claim otherwise.

Having weighed up all arguments, it is fairly obvious that talking face to face with someone can prove beneficial in numerous situations.


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