Watch again: Rishi Sunak faces Keir Starmer at PMQs after Boris Johnson and allies' resignations

Watch again: Rishi Sunak faces Keir Starmer at PMQs after Boris Johnson and allies’ resignations

Watch again as Rishi Sunak faced Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, 14 June, amid tensions with Boris Johnson over his resignation honours list.

Last Friday (9 June) Downing Street published the former prime minister’s honours list, lacking the names of allies such as Nadine Dorries and Nigel Adams.

The prime minister has accused his predecessor and former boss of wanting him to ignore the recommendations of the House of Lords Appointments Commission (Holac).

Mr Sunak said Mr Johnson asked him “to either overrule the Holac committee, or make promises to people”, which he “wasn’t prepared to do”.

In response, Mr Johnson said Mr Sunak was talking “rubbish.”

“To honour these peerages it was not necessary to overrule Holac – but simply to ask them to renew their vetting, which was a mere formality,” he added.

PMQs also comes as the prime minister moves closer to two by-elections.

Hours after the row erupted over the honours list, Mr Johnson dramatically announced his resignation as an MP after receiving copy of the Privileges Committee to report on whether he misled parliament over Partygate.

Loyalists Nadine Dorries and Mr Adams also said they were standing down as MPs.

The Conservatives will give notice for the contests in Mr Johnson and Mr Adams’ constituencies on Wednesday.

Ms Dorries is reportedly yet to formally resign as an MP and trigger a by-election in her constituency.

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