The Leyland Princess Was So Close, Yet So Far. (1977 2200 HLS Road Test)

The Leyland Princess Was So Close, Yet So Far. (1977 2200 HLS Road Test)

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After the commercial failure of the ADO67 1800 Landcrab, British Leyland entered the 1970s with determination to compete with Europe’s best; the Harris Mann-designed Princess combined radical wedge styling and comfortable hydragas suspension with dependable, proven B-Series and E-Series engines. Pitched against European executive rivals from Audi, BMW and Citroen, the Princes was offered as an Austin, Morris or Wolseley to maximise appeal. Did its lack of hatchback, infamous unreliability and outdated mechanicals stop it being a great car? Phil took a drive in this beautiful scrappage scheme survivor to find out!
Thanks to Ian for loan of his fantastic Leyland Princess.
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