Soap & Benson | The Story of Benson & Jessica's Friendship | Classic TV Rewind

Soap & Benson | The Story of Benson & Jessica’s Friendship | Classic TV Rewind

Watch as Benson’s (Robert Guillaume) story unfolds first as butler for Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond) and then for Governor Gatling (James Noble).

00:00 Making Breakfast
00:17 Intro
00:26 Making Breakfast (Part 2)
01:35 Eggs Benedict
02:28 Benson The Lawyer
04:00 Jessica’s Trial
06:07 Benson Leaves
09:34 Benson Meets Kraus
10:20 Benson and The Governor
12:27 Jessica’s Visit
13:27 ‘I Can’t Stop Missing You’
14:44 Jessica At The Hospital
17:57 ‘Heaven Is A Lovely Place’
19:05 The Final Goodbye

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ABOUT SOAP: With its combination of implausible plots, exaggerated melodrama and a liberal dose of wackiness, this parody of TV soap operas was both popular and critically acclaimed. Surprises and shenanigans abound between the Tates and the Campbells; each family member is either crazy, involved in an incriminating secret, or both. The well-to-do Tates are Chester (Robert Mandan), who has a wandering eye, Jessica (Katherine Helmond), who has a wandering mind, and their kids Corinne (Diana Canova), who loves men, Eunice (Jennifer Salt), who doesn’t, and teenage Billy (Jimmy Baio), the only sane one, according to majordomo Benson (Robert Guillaume). The Campbells are Jessica’s sister, Mary (Cathryn Damon), husband Burt (Richard Mulligan), and Mary’s sons: one is a mobster (Ted Wass); the other (Billy Crystal) wants a sex change operation.

ABOUT BENSON: As a favor to Jessica Tate, family butler Benson DuBois (Robert Guillaume) agrees to help her cousin, the newly elected Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), settle into his new mansion. Upon his arrival, Benson is set upon by the belligerent head housekeeper, Gretchen Kraus (Inga Swenson). But the governor’s secretary, the amicable Marcy Hill (Caroline McWilliams), asks him to make himself at home and start organizing the overwhelming chaos. Always independent and the only truly sane adult in the Tate house¬hold., he must now cope with wild and wonderful life in the executive mansion and take responsibility for the Governor’s ten-year-old daughter, Katie. And whether he’s dealing with the weighty affairs of state or the wacky state of affairs in the governor’s household, Benson always remains a loyal and trusted ally to those around him.

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Soap & Benson | The Story of Benson & Jessica’s Friendship | Classic TV Rewind

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