Shabon - シャボン (Soap)┃Hachiya Nanashi feat. Hatsune Miku┃JAPAN TOUR 2023┃«English Subs Español»

Shabon – シャボン (Soap)┃Hachiya Nanashi feat. Hatsune Miku┃JAPAN TOUR 2023┃«English Subs Español»

Hatsune Miku JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~【Live Concert】Shabon (Soap) – シャボン┃Hachiya Nanashi (蜂屋ななし) feat. Hatsune Miku┃«English, Japanese & Spanish Subtitles» (Español Subtitulos)【1080p】初音ミクJAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~

Song Title / Song Name:
“Soap” (The English title)
“Shabon” (The Japanese Romaji title)
“シャボン” (The Japanese title)
by Hachiya Nanashi feat. Hatsune Miku

シャボン / 蜂屋ななし feat. 初音ミク

Note of Discography:
This song was featured on the following albums:
● Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2020” OFFICIAL ALBUM (album)
● Anaphylaxie Bee (album)

Description #1:
“A new song written for Meychan!! It was a lot of fun to make! I’d like it if he someday sang this song live while letting soap bubbles fly!”

Description #2:
A brand new concert installment by Crypton Future Media. Hatsune Miku will tour Japan in 2023 with this new concert series under the name Hatsune Miku JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~, which will begin in Nagoya in February 2023 and will travel through Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Sapporo. The event’s main visual is illustrated by illustrator Akiakane, with the official theme song being entitled “THUNDERBOLT”, written, composed and arranged by japanese producer jon-YAKITORY.

Concert/exhibition date:
March 25th, 2023 (Sapporo)

Venue & Location:
At Zepp Sapporo in Sapporo, Japan

✦Video editing✦

Special Credits:
English Translation by Magenetra (YouTube) & aquariantwin

Translation Reference by Magenetra (YouTube)

The original Music & Lyrics by Hachiya Nanashi (蜂屋ななし)
(as “栗山夕璃 / Van de Shop” on YouTube)

Encoding & Transcription by Fashantica
English, Japanese & Spanish Subtitles by Fashantica
Spanish Translation by Akitoshi & Robert39
Spanish Subtitles by Fashantica

Source link of this original song:
(Original, 初音ミク/ シャボン)

Band Members:
● Guitar: Yuta Sakaki
● Drums: Eno Masafumi
● Bass: Takaaki Asakura
● Keyboard: Nao Nishimura (Sapporo)

Credits & Reprint (original):
Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro. net /SEGA
Organized by TOKYO MX/Crypton Future Media, INC.

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