Part 8:  Conclusion

Part 8: Conclusion

“The proposed constitutional amendment was developed in a process that, from beginning to end, systematically excluded advocates of almost all non-indigenous ethnic groups in general and advocates of the nation and its core iden­tity in particular. This not only insults the great majority of citizens, but if the referendum passes, would require them to fund an indigenous voice without having representation within it.“

“The avowed motivation for the referendum is to close the “gap” between indigenous and typical Australian living conditions. Proponents assert that the gap cannot be closed until indigenous peoples have a voice to parliament. But Anglo-Australians also suffer from a gap, a deficiency of democratic represen­tation. They are being undemocratically subordinated and their Commonwealth stolen from them. Anglo-Australians should not vote for a fundamental change to their way of government when there is a desperate need to close the democ­racy gap that has been imposed on them.“

“The nation’s origins and indigenous prior settlement should be recognised in a preamble to the Constitu­tion …. That way emphasises genuine reconciliation based on procedure in which all major stakeholders are represented.”

Written and spoken by Frank Salter

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