omg, WTF has Emily Ratajkowski done to her face?!

omg, WTF has Emily Ratajkowski done to her face?!

Emily Ratajkowski’s face has changed recently, and as someone who’s career is based on her looks, I thought we’d talk about it. is it simply normal ageing? plastic surgery? or *gasp* BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL?! Get your own Kenzzi handset here: and use the discount code: LANGE1 for 20% off! *thank you to Kenzzi for sponsoring today’s video.
Emily Rata is a renowed model, author, feminist and actress. She has a huge social media following, and makes her living based off her looks. Emily has one of those beautiful, unique faces that is so interesting to look at – or at least, she used to. Recently it seems as though Emily may be dabbling in a few popular celebrity tweakments, but just like with so many others, has it added or detracted from her natural beauty? Buccal fat removal for example, is all the rage right now, but I personally think humans look quite nice with their buccal fat intact, Emily included.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Love ya! x

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