Man of Medan, Part 4 - Conclusion - (PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough) (No Commentary)

Man of Medan, Part 4 – Conclusion – (PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough) (No Commentary)

Hello! Welcome to my channel, my name is Elijah “Slade Shredder,” and I am diving into uploading a new series of videos with this game play walkthrough series of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. This is my official Part 4 video, and this video will be the conclusion to this gameplay series. I kind of expected this game to be a bit like Until Dawn, and in some ways it is, but very different as well. I enjoyed playing this game for my first time through, and I will definitely be doing another play through of this in the future, making the choices I didn’t in this series. With that being said, this really was my first time playing it, so I made the choices that I went with the best paths to my knowledge for each character. I hope those of you who view my gameplay enjoy it just as much as I did playing it. Also, I didn’t mean to stop uploading these gameplay video’s and let my WWE Universe takeover once again, I was feeling lazy all week but we’re getting right back into it, with 2 back to back videos. For my next game play series, I will be uploading my videos of my choices of my final walk through of Until Dawn. Before anybody asks, No, Man of Medan and Until Dawn are not apart of the same trilogy, and do not take place after the other. So with that being said, if you did enjoy, please hit the like button, leave a comment, and subscribe! 🙂 * Slade Shredder *

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