L-1.1 Introduction of Scheduling Algorithm

L-1.1 Introduction of Scheduling Algorithm

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Scheduling of processes/work is done to finish the work on time. CPU Scheduling is a process that allows one process to use the CPU while another process is delayed (in standby) due to unavailability of any resources such as I / O etc, thus making full use of the CPU. The purpose of CPU Scheduling is to make the system more efficient, faster, and fairer.

Whenever the CPU becomes idle, the operating system must select one of the processes in the line ready for launch. The selection process is done by a temporary (CPU) scheduler. The Scheduler selects between memory processes ready to launch and assigns the CPU to one of them

Scheduling is important in many different computer environments. One of the most important areas is scheduling which programs will work on the CPU. This task is handled by the Operating System (OS) of the computer and there are many different ways in which we can choose to configure programs.
Process Scheduling allows the OS to allocate CPU time for each process. Another important reason to use a process scheduling system is that it keeps the CPU busy at all times. This allows you to get less response time for programs.

What is the need for CPU scheduling algorithm?

CPU scheduling is the process of deciding which process will own the CPU to use while another process is suspended. The main function of the CPU scheduling is to ensure that whenever the CPU remains idle, the OS has at least selected one of the processes available in the ready-to-use line.

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