How to Make Chamomile Soap (all-natural cold process recipe)

How to Make Chamomile Soap (all-natural cold process recipe)

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Chamomile is an easy-to-grow and beautifully scented flower that we know best as a soothing tea. It also happens to be wonderful for skin care. In this soap recipe, I’ll show you how to harvest, dry, and use chamomile to make beautiful all-natural bars of soap. This is a from-scratch soap recipe using the cold process method and creates five to six bars of gentle and sweet-smelling chamomile soap.

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In my new Natural Soapmaking for Beginners course, I’ll lead you through soapmaking ingredients, equipment, safety, setting up your soapmaking station, and step-by-step natural soap recipes. It’s made up of sixteen videos (and counting) and is geared to be a quickstart course to get you up to speed on cold-process soapmaking and the ingredients that you can use. If you’re interested in learning to make soap from scratch for either a business or hobby, then this course is for you!

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00:00 Introduction to the Chamomile Soap
01:16 New Soapmaking Course
02:16 Chamomile Soap Recipe
03:13 Growing, Harvesting, & Drying Chamomile
04:00 Soap Recipe Ingredients
06:21 Make the Chamomile Lye Solution
10:26 Preparing the Oils
12:14 Mixing the Ingredients
15:31 Molding, Decorating, and Oven Processing the Soap
17:52 Cutting Soap and Curing it
20:12 Final words on this Chamomile Soap Recipe

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