Danica McKellar is No Longer an Actress, She's Not Even Close

Danica McKellar is No Longer an Actress, She’s Not Even Close

Were you a fan of the classic show, The Wonder Years? If so, you were probably a fan of Danica McKellar, the fantastic actress who played Winnie Cooper, as well. Danica stole the hearts of audiences across the country with her darling portrayal of Kevin Arnold’s young love interest. Danica skyrocketed to fame with the role and still has millions of fans today from it. And yet, at the height of her fame, she decided to completely shift gears.

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Danica’s Son Got the Scoop
01:31 – Why She Left Hollywood
02:23 – Her Childhood Crush Was Michael J. Fox
03:25 – Her First Kiss
04:27 – Dancing With The Stars
05:35 – She’s a Highly Successful Author
06:52 – Outro

While attending UCLA, Danica made the decision to stop acting and focus solely on another of her passions: mathematics. And she proceeded to have a stellar career in that. She became an authority in her field, even going so far as to invent a theorem that now shares her name. Not too shabby, Winnie Cooper! McKellar has since reentered the world of acting and producing and has had a successful career as an adult in Hollywood, specializing in Hallmark movies. She even did one with Dolly Parton!

In this video, we’re taking a look at the special interview that Danica recently did, where her son Draco, who is 11 years old, asked her questions on behalf of ET. In the interview, Danica gave young Draco candid answers about what life was like for her as she juggled being a teen actor and a teen student. She also talked to him about the reasons she gave up acting when she was in college, to focus on mathematics. We also go over some fun facts about Danica that you might not be familiar with. These include the fact that her childhood crush was another famous 1980’s TV star, and that she performed with a broken rib on Dancing With The Stars!

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