Cold process soap making using new micas from Micamoma. Column pour soap.

Cold process soap making using new micas from Micamoma. Column pour soap.

For this cold process soap I was approached by the wonderful people at Micamoma to see if I would like to be sent some micas to try out and to make a soap and video. Micamoma have such great quality micas and I use them all the time, so it was an easy decision to say yes.
The colours I received were so lovely that I wanted to put them all in a soap together, so decided on a column pour soap.

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Although my cold process soap making tutorials are of a tutorial nature, they are intended for people who have a good understanding of making cold process soap. The information given is based on what works for me, however, there are lots of variables associated with cold process soap making and I, therefore, take no responsibility for the results achieved when using the techniques or methods explained in these tutorials. Cold process soap involves the necessary use of sodium Hydroxide (lye) which is a very dangerous substance. Before attempting and cold process soap making you should ensure you are fully aware of the lye safety procedures and always wear the correct safety equipment when making soap.
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