Always: Indigo Falls College, Book 1 | Audiobook Sample

Always: Indigo Falls College, Book 1 | Audiobook Sample

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Always: Indigo Falls College, Book 1

I avoid him. Every time Kepler Quinn steps into a room, I get the hell out. He does…something to me. When those discerning gray eyes flick toward me, his brow rising in a silent greeting, there’s a tightening of my abs. A zapping hum quivering low along my spine. There are about a million reasons it shouldn’t be what the little voice in the back of my head insists…a crush. Because Kepler isn’t just some random guy. He’s my brother’s best friend. He’s also my TA for physics this semester. And also…a guy. I’ve never held strongly onto being straight, but I’ve also never had this sun-scorching need for another guy before. But I can’t avoid him when we’re suddenly in the back stacks of the library—alone—nothing but the smell of old books and softly falling dust around us. And instead of walking away from him, I let out the two words that burn in my throat: “Kiss me.” Read more

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