🔥Chocolate la soap ha?💯😂15rsonly husband vs wife alaparaigal #comedy #funny #s#shorts #ytshorts #fun

🔥Chocolate la soap ha?💯😂15rsonly husband vs wife alaparaigal #comedy #funny #s#shorts #ytshorts #fun

Why Facial Bombs ??
What is the reason to spend huge money for parlour when it is possible at low budget at your home itself
Here is the solution!!!!!
🌟Instant Tan, black and white heads Removal
🌟Gives you a bright smooth and glowing skin
🌟 Prevents from sun burn
🌟It’s acceptable for all the skin types since it’s toxin free
🌟 Purely organic and handmade Chemical free
How to Use??
🌟Wash your face Just rub on wet face until facial bombs are get over.
🌟 Massage gently for 5-7 min don’t scrub just massage
🌟 Clean with Cold water, wipe and see the Instant Glow and softness
🌟Cost is just 15Rs per bomb.
🌟 Flavours – Coffee, Aleo vera, Charcoal, Fruit, Gold, Pimple free, Ubton
Do contact 8940774506

Why Herbal bath powder?
🌟Buying Synthetic soaps and body wash from store is attractively packed and smells too good. But we should remember that it’s always added of chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances
Use of Herbal Bath Powder
🌟Increases the Skin tone, balancing body pH
🌟 from black and white heads, pigmentation, pores, body odour, over oil secretion
🌟 Acts as anti fungal and bacterial We can use it regularly instead of soap
🌟Above 3 month baby to all can use
🌟 Both Women and Men can use
Dm for order and enquiry
Contact 8940774506

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